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We are all bio-individually unique.  


Discovering the foods and lifestyle choices that support our individuality will unlock the path to wellness.  Good health is not simply the absence of disease.  Good health is the body's ability to regenerate new healthy cells, fend off disease and provide you with the energy needed to live your best life.  


My mission is to provide you with the knowledge needed to navigate your health journey to attain optimal health.



"These weekly classes were immensely helpful. You have a deep well of knowledge and know-how which I found to be extremely informative." -MH

"Thank you so much Angie! I can't believe I am pain free."- MO

“I definitely feel that my life has been saved. I honestly didn’t believe I could lose weight, after so many failed attempts at programs…Understanding the role of sugar and.. insulin.. is completely life-changing”- RC

"..since my 20's (I'm currently 58), I've yo-yo dieted and have lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Until taking your class, I didn't see the link between what I was eating and how food made me feel physically. I weighed 210 lbs and was about to transition to plus-sized clothing. Now, I'm comfortably wearing a size 8 or smaller. I am no longer using any asthma medication. I don't need it. My senses of smell and taste are unlike they've ever been before. One doesn't know what one doesn't have." - EK

Take the first step to reclaim your health

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Disclaimer- The FDA has not evaluated any of the claims or statements made in this website or my presentations. Nor are these statements or claims intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

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