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Nutrient-dense food is the foundation of wellness

Focus on Nutrition

The right diet is an essential pillar to good health. The concept is simple, so why are Americans so unhealthy? The Standard American Diet (SAD) is not working.  Modern medicine's focus on prescribing medicine to address symptoms does not support the root cause of disease. Focusing on a nutrient dense diet allows the body to utilize it's own healing systems to address the root cause of disease.

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Reclaim Your Health

The USDA Food Pyramid has been around since 1917. It has evolved many times since then, yet Americans seem to be getting sicker, not healthier.  In the 1970's, the government told us to eat low fat, which resulted in Americans being fatter than ever.  Even though science has progressed and now understand that eating fat does not make humans fat, the USDA Food Pyramid still recommends eating a lower fat diet.  Good fats are a much needed source of nutrient for brain and cellular health. We need to take our health back by discovering true nutrient dense food.  

"Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food."
— Hippocrates

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