Immune Building Whole30® Challenge

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Immune building for you and your children is the path to wellness in these crazy times.  Individuals who are overweight or have poor metabolic health suffer much worse outcomes when infected with Covid and any other illnesses. Even small lifestyle changes can produce large results. Need some motivation and support to shift back to healthy eating?

NOW is the time to prepare for the coming winter months. Please join me in a month-long mindful, healthy lifestyle commitment.  The program will begin on Monday September 13th, 2021.

The 30 day commitment will be based on Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s Whole30® dietary approach.  As a group, we will have fun learning best practices and hold each other accountable.  Each week, I will be presenting health information, including topics such as healthy fats, intermittent fasting, herbal support, detoxification and stress management.  In addition to our weekly meetings, I will be available for support individually via email and phone consults.

What-  Immune Building Whole30® Challenge

When-  Dates- Sept 13, 2021 – October 12, 2021

Virtual meetings will be held once a week for 5 weeks on Monday nights starting Sept 13, 2021  Each week will include a discussion of a health topic, Q&A’s and general morale boosters.

Cost -   $75 per person or tag a friend and save! $125 per couple (Please contact me if financial assistance is needed) 

RSVP-   Thursday, September 09, 2021